OpenGL-ctypes time just doesn't materialise (Though my room is cleaner...)

I got a bit of hacking done on OpenGL-ctypes over the weekend, but not the 2+ days I'd hoped for. I started looking seriously at how to make the extension-writing process more automatic and clean. Also began working on the architectural overview and "how to contribute" documents.

We went for a party at Bryan's on Saturday night, then Soni and I spent almost all of Sunday cleaning my room, (basically just dusting, though we got rid of 2 or 3 "book cases" (orange crates)). My folks came down today and we all headed down to Christie Pits Park for a picnic (and to watch the planes, though we got there too late to see them). Then we took Caillou out to visit Shiva and Shademan and were fed a fantastic barbecued meal.

I'm tempted to just declare this an Open Source week and work solely on OpenGL-ctypes, but I need to get the invoicing working ASAP. Anyway, right now I'm thinking I'll give in to fatigue and drop off for the night.


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