Register Early for PyCon

Just finished registering for PyCon 2010.  Early-bird corporate rate is only $450USD, very good value for the money.  Direct flights from Toronto run ~$920CDN (taking ~2 hrs), 1-stop flights are ~$600CDN (taking 6+ hrs).  Hotel is around $80/night or around $560 if you intend to arrive the night before the conference-proper and stay through the sprints sharing the room with someone else.  That's ~$2100 for a week-long conference, folks, pretty good deal (and that's paying corporate rate and doing a nonstop flight without much shopping around, mind you).

If you're a struggling student you can do the conference and 4 days of sprinting for $200 (registration), a $600CDN flight (with a few hours to work on papers in the airport) and do quadruple occupancy at the hotel for $300 each.  That's a week-long conference for ~$1100.

Oh, and if you're really struggling, there's financial assistance available too... but the deadline for applications there is on Friday... don't procrastinate!


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