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Wow, much easier than I expected... (Done the promotion in under 30 minutes)

Promoting the VoIP billing stuff to live tonight. I budgetted 2 hours to deal with any issues that showed up. Other than almost forgetting to update the cron job it went without a hitch, so I may just head home and start work on PyOpenGL.

Getting up early really stretches the day (Maybe too much)

Have been working fairly constantly since 8:30am, hard, focussed work, trying to get things off the table so that I can have a reasonably undisturbed week "off". I probably need to take a 20 or 30 minute break around now. Getting a bit mind-numb at this point and that's not good.

Feel like taking a week off (May be just messed up sleep schedule...)

What with staying/getting up in the middle of the night twice this week I'm feeling somewhat burned out. I'm strongly considering making next week a 100% Open Source week. Just concentrate on getting the OpenGL 3.0.0 package finished. There are things needing doing in various projects, but if I can ...

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Sometimes you have to see it to know... (Testing needs to go all the way through the process)

The invoicing run went basically perfectly. I spent almost 3 hours edging through the process, searching at every point for any sign that there might be a problem, but in the end everything went out just as specified.

Unfortunately, it turned out that there was a minor mis-specification. The invoices looked fine and printed out ...

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