Long weekend of work hasn't yet gelled (People seem to want to have a holiday...)

Been trying to make this a productive weekend for the company. So far not going particularly well. Just sort of "lost" today with grocery shopping for dinner on Monday, little visits (spoiled a surprise gift because I thought that the recipients knew about it :( ), another shopping trip to get food for Soni's place, a nap, and generally not sitting down to work.

I've been doing UI coding for the large refactoring project. Have it close to finished, you can now define new packages via the web, can set up their membership in various functional groups, can define precondition rules, permissions, periodic and start/stop costs (eventually that will be "event" costs), long distance plan minutes, etceteras. Still a number of package types that need to get their setup code refactored into the new setup.

Tomorrow is a coding day. No shopping, no napping, just sitting and coding. Would be great to just go to Linux Caffe and work, but they close early on Sundays (and probably doubly early on Christmas Eve). For now, though, I need to get to sleep and try to be up for 8am tomorrow to get in a full day.


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