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May 29, 2006 - June 4, 2006

Word Daggers

How does that pleasant day
Disappear in a few words
Leaving just a wistful memory
Truths perceived as daggers
Murder my happy noon

Taxonomies of Neighbourhoods (Himy's adventures in community building)

Blogging from Linux Caffe. Himy (one of Sacha's friends) is interested in creating neighbourhood-level tools for allowing users to both enhance their own communities and share that information with other similar communities.

I'm thinking it would be helpful if there was a taxonomy of neighbourhood types that would allow communities to self-identify (or be professionally ...

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Fonduing the Night Away (My wasted youth...)

Last night was fun!

First batch of fondue I added cheddar... not a good thing, turned into a sort of cheese ball that people were having to poke and prod apart with their veggies (way too hard for use with bread). Second batch was just about right, stuck to the recipe and it had what ...

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An application for the $100 laptop (Voice training for children (or adults))

I've had an idea for a very simple application for the last year or so. It just requires a microphone and reasonable speakers hooked up to a laptop. I think that the OLPC laptop is supposed to have a microphone or microphone jack. Don't know that I'll have time to work on the software, but ...

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Refactoring is surprisingly time-consuming (Implications upon implications...)

The bulk of the refactoring started yesterday is now finished. I basically just have a new bit of functionality that falls out as an "of course you'll want that" now that the rest is working. Something about the CRT screen is really bothering my eyes (it's a very good screen, but it's now also very ...

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Networking for fun and profit (Night of Asterisk and related conversations...)

At the Asterisk meeting this evening spent most of the time chatting with Mike Dancy and then Ron Kawchuk. Mike mentioned that there's a small cable company up North that might be interested in one of the projects. Apparently Mike was the provider of the RT31P2 ATA units we're working with.

Ron suggested a number ...

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First day goes well (Cleaning up code that's been hacked up way too much)

I spent much of the day refactoring rather messy modules that were making it difficult to move forward cleanly (put another way, I ran into a "can't get there from here" this morning because of this). We had three different conceptual objects all using the same class; an order for the object, the inventory object ...

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Nest of Laughing Lines

I look into dark-happy eyes
In their nest of laughing lines
Trying to see the hidden mind
Beyond some wet computer
Behind the gentle face
There's something deeper still within
That sparks soft dreams and hopes
Their fires dance hot and bright
Make me want to talk the night

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