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July 10, 2006 - July 16, 2006

The best kind of parties (Deep conversations deep into the night...)

Trying to wind down from the party @ Sacha's this evening (got home an hour ago). It was exactly the kind of dinner party I love, lots of banter and wit over dinner with a healthy dose of philosophy, psychology and social commentary to round out the evening. Great cheesecake is a significant plus too. ...

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Unable to get the nVidia card running with AGP (Hours wasted...)

Trying to get the GL operations on the workstation to use AGP (i.e. to not be dog-slow). I can configure with either of the kernel AGP or the NVAGP from the nVidia driver (and the AGP seems to correctly initialise), but it always produces the same result, blank white screen with no interactivity I can ...

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Miniscule movement on OpenGL-ctypes (Figured out the problem with the tessellation code)

The tessellation code was broken because the vector passed to the vertex callback was being declared as a void_p instead of a c_double * 3 . Not working yet, as I have to figure out a way to have the callbacks use the preferred array data-type for converting the argument. Linux Caffe, however, is closing ...

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Doesn't quite make up for yesterday (But a very good day in for billables...)

Days when I'm just sitting down and coding straight, instead of bouncing between multiple tasks produce far more final product and get more billable hours in (6.5 today). It also helps when I'm at Linux Caffe, so there's nothing to do but work.

My workstation at home is upgrading itself to xorg-7.0 (modular), or rather, ...

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I can see clearly now (The squinting's gone...)

The difference between Rose's little 17" CRT and the 20" LCD is... striking. Heck, even compared to the old, failing 21" CRT (which was really good in its time) it's a joy. Colours have good range. Quality is good enough that the PVR output actually looks pretty bad (can see the compression artefacts); basically I ...

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Fun errands tomorrow! (First two cheques arrive...)

The first two cheques arrived today, representing the first 3 invoices sent out. That means I really need to get a business account set up for the corporation tomorrow. I also need to set up something like an ING Savings account to hold the surplus where some (minimal) interest will compound over the year. Lastly, ...

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Whether to lug the laptop along (Am I really going to get any work done while there?)

Considering bringing along the laptop to try to get some OpenGL-ctypes work done during the UU meeting. Doesn't really seem likely that I'll get anything useful done, and carrying it all night is a pain... still, I suppose on the off chance I should do it anyway.

Replacing the fried monitor (Rose's little monitor doesn't cut it for all-day working...)

After being cursed one evening (not by me, I was hoping to get another 6 months out of it) my monitor refused to turn on the next morning. It was a nice $1600 Sony G500, now quite old, and beginning to fail in multiple ways (and, honestly, becoming quite hard on the eyes). Anyway, need ...

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Ooh, now I want to play with PyPy (Time slips away in sleep...)

Apparently the sunburn just clobbered me. Slept most of yesterday and today instead of getting work done on OpenGL-ctypes. Have another hour and 10 minutes just to meet today's working target. Sigh.

Anyway, in the intersticies of the days I cleared out my backlog of Python-list emails (3000+, though I probably only read 100 or ...

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