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Nov. 6, 2006 - Nov. 12, 2006

Rather a lot of work on auto-generation (Hours and hours to get back to where I was...)

I spent basically the whole day on the auto-generation code for producing the "raw" API for OpenGL. Mostly this was a pretty heavy refactoring of the ctypes code generator (though there's more I need to do).

The module now generates and is importable with a much simpler module. Still need ...

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Finally get the texts page updated (Wasn't I supposed to be working on something else...)

I finally got around to copying the poems for the last four and a half months over to the texts page. According to my quick count there are 283 poems there now. Really do need to think about some sort of organisational scheme some day.

Kinda weird reading all of those old blog posts. My ...

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Short Years

A few short years
In which to love
With such passion
As we might
In hopes that love
Might survive
The sodden grave
Carrying our hopes
Fragile and forlorn
Into fields that we
Will never see
Beyond horizons
We cannot pass
So we might live
Beyond short years

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