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Dec. 18, 2006 - Dec. 24, 2006

Long weekend of work hasn't yet gelled (People seem to want to have a holiday...)

Been trying to make this a productive weekend for the company. So far not going particularly well. Just sort of "lost" today with grocery shopping for dinner on Monday, little visits (spoiled a surprise gift because I thought that the recipients knew about it :( ), another shopping trip to get food for Soni's place, ...

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I was soooo wrong (Brave New Waves recording is so worthwhile!)

I'm pretty close to blissing out... experimental music in huge doses is just the way to start the day. It's strange, but I almost feel like I'm growing as a person as I'm clearing out the backlog of email. Maybe it's just remembering the growth of working on the thesis, but whatever the reason it ...

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Ooh, that wasn't a good use of time (Distracted by the desire to listen to Brave New Waves...)

I used to love listening to Brave New Waves on CBC 2 when I was writing my thesis. Tonight I tried Amarok for the first time, and as I was going through the stations I noticed that there was no CBC 2 stream.

Checking the CBC, their CBC 2 OGG stream still isn't working (it ...

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