Documenting again (PyDoc not processing the modules, though)

More time spent on documenting Sugar's core today. Nothing earth-shattering, just going through and seeing what the various pieces do and adding doc-strings.

Received a presentation in email from Bryan of the OLPC Nepal project. Good shots of rural and urban classrooms to give developers an idea of what range of conditions they are coding for.

Haven't had a chance to pull up the Gnome bridge application yet to see if that will provide a reasonable solution to running not-yet-ported applications. Also it appears that the PyGame port is still in-process, SDL and PyGame are apparently on the builds, but work is still ongoing to make them work within Sugar itself.

The laptop didn't arrive today, so it'll likely be Tuesday before it gets here. When it gets here I want to get my sister (an elementary school teacher) to go over it with me to get her impressions. Maybe try to get a few of our other education-focused friends in for that too.


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