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Need to understand the dbus security model (Kind of a key requirement to analyse security when everything uses it...)

I haven't had much luck finding documentation on the dbus security model. In particular, how does one prevent one application from spoofing another application's "identity". That is, if I created an application that watched for new launches and managed to guess the activity ID of the launched application, registering a DBUS service for that activity ...

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UI Issue: Need a "launch this environment with" button (Eliminate the close, launch, open Journal, choose-last session path...)

The HIG mentions that we'll want a view in the Journal that allows you to launch a given Journal entry (project environment) with a different application than the one that last edited it. I'm thinking we're going to want a way to do the same without needing a close-launch cycle.

For instance, you're working with ...

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External storage mechanisms in BitFrost (More use cases to integrate...)

Something that's been rattling around in my mind for the past week is the need to integrate removable storage into the Bitfrost and Journal systems. Obviously we don't want to automatically include anything ever plugged into the system into the backup/Journal system, but if I share a file off my USB key or USB hard-drive ...

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Good day's billables on Friday (Refactoring before the new project...)

Did a very solid day's work on Friday for the main client. 6.5 hours on-task out of 7.5 hours at the "office" (Linux Caffe), with the last .5 hours actually being some play with trying to get the PyGame applications running on my BTest2 machine while the thunderstorm was raging. Going to have to make ...

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No luck getting OpenGL docs built (Tools just not working...)

xsltproc and saxon are producing mutually unintelligible files and/or taking dozens of computer-hours of processing time to do the merge. Bit of a PITA, especially as these are the old source documents still (haven't received word back from the OpenGL board guys about using the 2.1 documentation set) so I will need to re-do anything ...

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