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Should do some work on the PyGTA site (At least replace the front page...)

Sent off the cheque to pay for the domain name yesterday. Would be nice to have the key information on the front page (e.g. our regular meeting time), some basic who/what/why/when/how information too would be good for the front-page. Guess I should find some time to work that up and ask Peter to update ...

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No Joy in Fedora-ville (Networking and keyboard issues)

Spent a few hours trying to get Fedora 7 working under vmware last night. I'm guessing the problem is simple, but on Fedora I'm just stumbling around blind to some extent. I can modprobe the pcnet32 driver, but hotplug/coldplug doesn't seem to pick up the new device. Freaky thing is that the system has an ...

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