WiFi is Free in Vancouver (Promised land...)

In Vancouver airport, at my departure gate about 5 hours early. Unlike at Pearson (Toronto) airport, the network access is free. Darn right it should be free.

Flight over Canada was non-eventful. Seat-mate was asleep the entire flight. Had a neat encounter on the subway, lady who had a severe brain hemorrhage when she was 17. Very friendly, chatted with her for 8 or 9 stops, then were forced off the train because there'd been an incident. By the time we got upstairs to take the shuttle bus the trains were running again. Anyway, discussed the laptop project, the changes in her life after the hemorrhage (she was in a coma for 2 months and lost a lot of brain function), and her husband (who's apparently studying to become an Anglican priest).

As we were flying over Sudbury the sunset was magnificent. We were well above the clouds, and the wing was blocking the direct glare, so it was just the wing against this gorgeous splash of vivid colours. We flew right over my Uncle's town (Lethbridge), it showed up on the "where you are" display on the screens. Hi Lethbridge.

Turns out that I'm actually on EVA, not Air Canada, for the remainder of the flight. The ticket says "Air Canada", but the Air Canada people were quite sure it wasn't their flight. Helpful people at the information desk found it for me. I've been in-transit for about 10 hours now, another 15 or so to go. For now I guess I should check email and see if anything has blown up at home.


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