GStreamer seems unhappy with me... (No streaming...)

Working on minor changes to the OLPCGames wrapper. Wanted to try something small to start off with so I'm not rewriting huge tracts of code. So started with making an asynchronous interface for the camera.snap function.

It's a pretty trivial function, really, start up a gstreamer pipe, iterate until it's finished, exit, load the resulting image for use by the application... or that's the idea. When I actually try to launch the gstreamer pipe I don't seem to get any results. I'm guessing I'm missing some trivial little piece.

Haven't figured out how to get sugar-activity to launch an activity from the command-line. I gather the set of things it accepts has been pared down and I can't get it to accept anything that seems right when I type it in. The new log viewer activity, however, makes it pretty easy to track what's going on. Still, would like to be able to import pdb and poke around to see what's going on at run-time.

I managed to kill the whole GUI a couple of times with gstreamer.poll, seems that it doesn't allow other threads to continue? Anyway, if I do a poll for an event that's not coming the whole activity GUI would simply cease to respond.

[Update] Turns out there's a fully-async api for gstreamer already, with that it's much easier to work with. The problem, it turns out, was that the activity API was returning the wrong bundle path, so I was trying to store to a non-existent directory. Async version of the api is now available as a patch.


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