Dev Environment Building (Fun day in compiling...)

Managed to get both the (i386 Ubuntu) laptop and the (amd64 Gentoo) workstation to build sugar-jhbuild today. There was a bug in an install script that I had to fix for the laptop, and a dependency issue on the workstation (new threaded boost required), but nothing too terrible.

Point of all this was to get to the point where I can use the laptop as a dev machine during the Game Jam this weekend. Annoying thing is that the olpcgames wrapper got a bit of bit-rot recently, so no testing with it at the moment (annoying because I was working on documenting it and wanted to do some fixes/refactoring while I was in there).

The workstation was just icing on the cake. I doubt I'll drag it all the way down to the caffe to use it there. It's just too deeply embedded in our home network to make that practical. Still, wanted to know what would be required to make it work (effectively nothing other than the boost recompile, which made it easier than the Ubuntu install, yay dev team).


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