File Formats and Keyboard Navigation (Little "playable" details...)

Spent all of yesterday evening and all the time so far today getting the little details put together. We now have a file-format for Productive (just a zip-file with some specially-named sub-files) and the original world definition can be shared with the clients to provide topology information (and eventually map size, layout, resources, etceteras). The file can also store updates (checkpoints) so that users will eventually be able to return to the point e.g. right before a user exited, or when they clicked "save".

The topology information was necessary to provide the keyboard navigation stuff. It works fine in the stand-alone, but I don't seem to have the initial definition file properly sharing to get it through under Sugar. Also fixed a few minor bugs in OLPCGames while I was going.

May want to write up a lot of that stuff as recipes for new developers. Also need to parse the various discussions on olpc-dev about the develop activity and see where we can go. Also need to see about where to source key graphics for developers (and about creating a keyboard configuration screen to let users select keys to use for given tasks when they have that).

Going to take a few hours to get banking and grocery shopping done first, though.


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