Moving a Second Activity Up (Productive, meet Story Builder, your new best friend...)

Whole day spent on OLPCGames today. Updated the documentation on the wiki considerably. Cleaned up the skeleton-activity builder so that you can create a basic Pygame activity with a few commands, and looked into a bug report from Story Builder.

Story Builder is very different from Productive. It's got lots and lots of text entry stuff, and it uses the PGU GUI library, instead of raw Pygame. Bugs so far have all been related to the text handling. It's good to have the second test case that's so far from the first one, makes it far more likely that we'll get the bugs ironed out across the library.

[Update] And yet more time spent on documentation and OLPCGames. Have tried to pull together the Game Development Newbies page into something approaching a launch page for new game programmers. Also added a few font-update functions to the PangoFont class to match the pygame api a little more closely.


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