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Flight booked but no red-eyes (Have to leave a bit early on the last sprint day)

Couldn't find a late flight out on the 1st, so I'll have to leave around 1 or 2pm to get to the 5:35pm flight (depending on how far the airport is commute-wise). Should get in fairly early on the 22nd, though, probably get to the hotel around 1pm.

Whatever happened to the red-eye flights? Check ...

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NeHe demo 45 (Vertex Buffer Objects) sort-of working (If it didn't look wrong...)

Bit of work this afternoon. Mostly wanted to get the GL.arb.vertex_buffer_objects extension working. Turns out we had some demo code in the NeHe directory, it had originally been written against a CVS version of PyOpenGL 2.x, but with some tweaks and cleanup it ran with PyOpenGL 3.x (most of the tweaks just ripping out code ...

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Numeric (legacy) support now working in OpenGL-ctypes (Well, cvs version...)

Finally got some time for OpenGL-ctypes. Decided to work on the module to support using Numeric 24.x as a data format. Thanks to a thread on ctypes-users it turned out to be a trivially simple module.

It turns out that the "object" type has a __basicsize__ attribute which tells you the size in bytes of ...

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Beagle and nuvexport working (While I was working...)

Wanted to get a desktop search program running. Decided to try Kerry (a Beagle front-end). The beagle deamon is taking a very long time to run, but I'm guessing that has something to do with having a transcoding going at the same time. I'm trying an export from mythtv to a DivX AVI; it takes ...

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Slept the day away (Up late, 4 minutes of work, jog up and down some stairs, back to bed...)

Didn't quite get rid of the headache. Spent the bulk of the day in bed hoping it would dissipate. Still a bit of it lingering, but it only hurts if I let the muscles get tense. So, anyway, instead of PyOpenGL I'm working on work-work tonight. Shopping for a new laptop tomorrow.

Upgrading pytable's database introspection for postgresql (Code-like output, but egads it's a lot of text...)

One of the features of pytable that's been sitting on the "need to do" list is getting the introspection to the point where one can use the output of the introspection process as editable schemas for further development in legacy applications.

That is to say, I wanted to be able to point the introspection at ...

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A certain quiet satisfaction (Jobs done and books up-to-date...)

I've just finished catching up on all of the accounting for the company. This month was hectic with the old company issues, so I wound up losing about 3 weeks in the middle where I was dealing with that. As a result I neglected the accounting in the new company (bad). Tonight I stayed up ...

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