Bogging Down in Play (Too big a topic, too quick a treatment, too long an excursion...)

Spent a while rereading the sections on Play in the thesis. They're trying to cover far too large a topic far too quickly, so they sound trite. Need to go back and cover the months and months of conversations and ruminations on the topic, not just hit the crystallized "decisions". Shouldn't be hundreds of pages or anything, but the 4-5 paragraph sections should likely each be 4-5 pages.

However, I'm thinking I may want to just plough ahead right now, finish Play with the same cursory detail, and move onto the rest of the outline. I can come back and rework this section once I've got the essay moving again. Maybe wind up moving it later so that the length can grow without hampering the up-front understanding of the overall ideas, introduce where it is now, but expand on it later (similar to how the original did it, with the various forms of play described in the later "Treasure Chests", with the idea of play covered in the earlier "Toolbox").


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