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Toronto Plone Meeting Tonight

John has started a Toronto Plone group.  Meeting is this evening @360 Adelaide St. W. (near Spadina).  6pm to 8pm, apparently a variety of speakers.  Be there.[1]

[1] With the assumption that you're interested in Zope/Plone and are in Toronto...

Redefine postmodernism and it gets more interesting...

Continuing to follow up on what's going on in post-modern theory these days.  Particularly reading Jenck's "The New Paradigm in Architecture", which is basically a review of the bulk of the work in the post-modern movement.

Biggest take-away so far is that I've studied most or all of these people already.  I just wasn't thinking ...

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IndexedFaceSet compilation improving

Working on the IndexedFaceSet support this afternoon and evening (with a birthday party for a friend in the middle).  IndexedFaceSet's are very generic ways of defining face geometry, which makes it easy to hand-edit VRML files with them.  Unfortunately, that generality means they are also rather involved to prepare for rendering, you basically have to ...

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Smooth Movement for OpenGLContext

Finally got around to implementing smooth movement for OpenGLContext.  Instead of just "jumping" a given distance on each press of the key, the default movement manager will now smoothly interpolate to the position (same for orientations).  Code is pretty straightforward, the only tricky thing was getting holding down the key to make the motion faster. ...

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Other 90% of OBJ files still pending

Playing with the OBJ file loader for OpenGLContext this evening (briefly).  Forgot to check in a number of fixes on Friday (oops).  Anyway, as of now CVS OpenGLContext with CVS PyOpenGL can load OBJs from the internet via the (now somewhat inappropriately named) bin/ script.  Still haven't found any samples where there's .MTL files (and/or ...

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The present is 30 years ago (in design theory)

We picked up a book a year ago that I've been intending to read but never seemed to get the time; "Architectural Theory from the Renaissance to the Present" (Taschen, 2006). Today I wound up with some dead time sitting in offices and got a chance to read through part of the chapter on the ...

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Bit more maintenance work on OpenGLContext

Doing a bit of bit-rot fighting in OpenGLContext this evening.  Got the visual shell running again, so that you can load up a world in one window and type commands into another to modify the running world.  Mostly was just updating to use wx 2.8 and the new loader structure.

Also took the time to ...

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