(S)ick and Yay!

I came down with a flu a few days ago.  Have been at home sleeping since, seem to be over the worst of it.

On the extremely bright side, Soni brought home the new laptop yesterday.  Vista really does suck rocks... how can an uber-laptop like this crawl under Vista?  Anyway, I've shrunk the Vista partition and installed Kubuntu 8.10 this morning.  KDE 4.1 is taking some getting used to.  It seems fine, but I haven't yet "got" why it's better than 3.x.

The laptop seems Ubuntu-friendly, other than the expected failure to run when the "switchable" graphics is in place.  There's a stuck-on pixel on the display, but other than that it seems very nice.  It has the annoying Fn/Ctrl key swap that Soni's laptop does, and the pgup/pgdown buttons are way up at the top of the keyboard.  Oh well.  I've still got it running on the Xorg (non-accelerated) driver, will switch that when I next reboot (I'm not actually working on the new laptop, it's just sitting next to met setting itself up).

Today I'm refactoring test code so that we can begin work in earnest with the new team on Monday.  By then we'll be in the new apartment (moving tomorrow).  Should stop work a bit early and pack up as much as I can.


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