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Nov. 10, 2008 - Nov. 16, 2008

Your Million-Dollar Python Project @ PyGTA

PyGTA on Tuesday should be fun.  The question is:

If you had a million dollars (CDN) to spend on a Python project, what would you spend it on?

Sure, money doesn't solve all problems, but if you had it available and earmarked for "something python", what would you do with it?  We'll assume ...

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Color me impressed with Cython

Have just been testing the new Cython accelerator module for PyOpenGL 3.x on my workstation.  As seen on the laptop, the PyOpenGL-specific stuff just sort of drops out of the hotspot-set.  There's a few little spots with a percent or two showing up, but pretty much everything else is OpenGLContext scenegraph management stuff ...

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Thinking of a W500

I've been checking out various attempts to install Ubuntu on the Thinkpad W500 series...  The system can't switch on-the-fly between the two graphics chips, but it can use the 3D card, which is what I need for OpenGL work.  Thinking I'd go for 2.53GHz and as much RAM as she'll ...

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Unexpected Optimizations

I hadn't intended to work on PyOpenGL today, wanted to spend some time looking at what to do for the broader world... oops.  Anyway, using Cython I've sped up the PyOpenGL stuff to the point where the PyOpenGL stuff has dropped off the list of hotspots for OpenGLContext rendering.  Not saying there aren ...

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Display-listing Materials Speeds Rendering

Doing some optimization of the OpenGLContext scenegraph.  Just using display-lists on the material objects takes the material rendering overhead from ~5% of runtime to <1% of runtime.  There's a diminishing set of low-hanging optimizations available at this point.  The wrapper object is obviously a major time-sink.  I took a look at re-writing that in ...

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Been thinking a lot lately about how to direct my energies into socially beneficial channels.  I'm still reasonably convinced that we need to focus on education, without that you're pretty much doomed to fall back into chaos with every blow.  I'm also reasonably convinced that some of the things that need to ...

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Sys-adminning in the morning...

I've been thinking in the back of my mind that it's probably time to move to Ubuntu (specifically Kubuntu) on the workstation at home.  While I prefer Gentoo for the control it gives me, I have to admit that I really don't have the time to muck about with keeping everything up ...

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