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Nov. 3, 2008 - Nov. 9, 2008

Finally got SimpleParse updated to use Py_ssize_t

I finally sat down this evening to get SimpleParse updated to use the Py_ssize_t type instead of ints for tracking offsets, lengths and the like.  Was lots and lots of trivial updates, rather than anything particularly difficult... exactly the kind of thing I hate spending time on.

Anyway, don't yet have a Python2.6 ...

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Quality Time with PyOpenGL

Spent some quality time this evening with PyOpenGL, OpenGLContext and KCacheGrind.  Quite a few tiny improvements in the code-base.  I'm still just picking out little bits of fluff that are "wrong" as they show up in the profiling.  There was ~4% of total run-time on this machine spent in Python's warnings.warn() function ...

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Profiling OpenGLContext fun...

Profiling OpenGLContext on a relatively large VRML97 world.  Interesting stats (in OpenGL, ignoring OpenGLContext slow-points):

  • 3% of total runtime is in a function which just does; it seems the ctypes array sub-object is a Python instance that has multiple operations in its initializer and is recreated on each access (with many accesses ...

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Seems I need to update the video card again

Seems Nvidia has released OpenGL 3.0 drivers for Linux (yay!) but they don't support my GeForce 7600GS (sigh).  I'm thinking maybe I should buy a kick-posterior gaming laptop with an uber-3D chip so I'm not always tied to my workstation at home if I want to do OpenGL 2.0 or ...

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