PyCon Registration Done

If you're planning on going to PyCon and want to take advantage of the early-bird rates you need to get moving.  Corporate rate is just $450 now, rising to $650 at the door.  Hobbyists can register for $250 and students for just $150.

Still need to plan the plane trip and room-sharing.

[Update] Okay, have a 2-bed room booked for arrival on March the 26th and departure on April 2nd.  I'm at the Crowne Plaza ($105/night with limited-time conference rates), still need to find a room-sharer.  PyCon really is a good deal, with flight for $350 or so the whole conference is around $1200 + spending money even at the corporate rate (with the early-bird rates).

[Update] And now have a room-sharer.  Just need the flight and I'm off to the races.  Thinking I'll do mid-day on the 26th and mid-late-evening on the 2nd.

[Update] And the flight is done (went up $80 as I was procrastinating!)


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