Any LibreOffice/OpenOffice/PyUno Gurus in the House?

I'm trying to code up a service that needs to auto-play presentations (mostly Powerpoint).  Users (who may not be at all technically savvy) need to be able to upload the files and have them advance regardless of whether they have properly specified auto-play settings (if they *have* set the advance properly, we want to respect their timings, but for now I'm just attempting to specify a timing on every page).

At the moment I'm using a default LibreOffice install on Ubuntu 11.10.  I've been hacking away at PyUno trying to get something that looks reasonable, but so far, while it *looks* like I've got the presentation properly configured in LibreOffice, it does *not* auto-advanced without a horrible hack in the running script (basically timing out after X seconds and forcing an advance manually).  Most frustratingly, when I *manually* configure timeouts in LibreOffice (i.e. by clicking) the presentation seems to arbitrarily decide whether to auto-advance or not this particular time.

The (rather hacky) script so far is up on pastebin if anyone LibreOffice/OpenOffice savvy is willing to take a look. [Update] I've got the project up on Launchpad if anyone wants to help out...


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