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PyCon wrap-up (Jiggety-jig)

Well, that was a long 5 days of basically non-stop talking (in other words, I loved it). The metaclass presentation seemed to go fairly well, though I'm told that my rather self-deprecating presentation style distracted at least one audience member. Most feedback seemed to be of the "that clarified it for me" vein.

Togl rises from the grave yet again (I should really stop fixing the darn thing)

Well, spent most of the evening on PyOpenGL and TTFQuery, with some cleanup work in OpenGLContext as well. New release of TTFQuery that works around a bug in FontTools. PyOpenGL 2.1.0 is getting closer, with the major change being compilation tweaks to try to tell the user what's wrong when the configuration doesn't work, ...

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Back from gram's lickety split (And dinner with Shiva and Shademan)

Dinner with Shiva and Shademan was pleasant, went to see "50 First Dates", which was surprisingly funny, not particularly cerebral, but funny. Went to have lunch with grams this afternoon, snooker game was very close, 5 point spread in the end. Been trying to set up SSH-tunnelled VNC for my desktop for when I'm away, ...

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Beautiful Golnar coming by for dinner (Persian beauties are wonderful just to be around)

It's been 3 months since I've seen her, almost as long for Shiva, longer for Neda and Nousha. Honestly, how is a man, once exposed, supposed to be content while out of the presence of such beauties? I've been floating most of the day, and even the rather frustrating process of getting Debian Linux installed ...

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Sometimes you have to wonder... (7% of Americans haven't heard of the EU?)

Okay, according to the IHTribune (silly layout alert), a recent poll found that, among other things, 7% of Americans had never heard of the European Union.

What the heck! I'm impressed that someone even thought to ask. I mean, who would have thought that people could be so totally asleep on foreign affairs as to ...

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Groovy... (But not particularly compelling)

As I'm sure everyone and their dog has linked to now, Groovy is an attempt to create a JVM language with some of the characteristics of Python and/or Ruby, but hewing to the "java way". So far I haven't been particularly impressed, but I suppose I should actually download and play with it some day.

Sure, it's easy to install, but 10 times? (Knoppix install goes poorly on messed up hardware...)

Knoppix, as many of the none of you will surely know, is a bootable Debian Linux CD. It is also one of the easier ways to install Debian, you boot into the full Linux environment off the CD and run a (rather primitive) script to install to the hard-disk.