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Once more into the Gentoo upgrade breach (Multilib or bust (since I can't sleep))

Can't sleep, and don't feel like doing anything that requires deep thought, so I'm going to try (yet again) to update my Gentoo profile from 2004.3 to 2005.0 (and then 2005.1). I've pulled the emul-linux packages from the 2005.1 CD (was never able to get them to build multilib on my 2004.3 system). Am now ...

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Oh yes, definitely one of those days (DNS aliases make me waste more than an hour...)

How did I decide that CVS was broken?

Well, druid (our development platform for VIBES and the VOIP front-end) is down because D'Arcy's in the process of replacing it. So I switched to working on Cinemon and wanted to remove an old file that was cluttering up a directory.

But CVS was spitting back an ...

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Looks like it's going to be one of those days (No joy in Linux-land...)

Had the workstation do a set of upgrades while I was out at the management meeting (one of us should get some work done)... got home to find a failure compiling/installing the emul-linux (Linux32 on AMD64) libraries. Permission failure trying to make the files executable.

Oh well, I can survive a few days without OpenOffice ...

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Sheesh, easier to run linux binaries on NetBSD than my Gentoo box (I love my 64 bits, but what do they do for me?)

One of the tasks for today was to get the hardware compilation working. The MTAs are configured via a compiled (and encrypted) file that requires a binary compiler from the manufacturer. Okay, no problem, my workstation is a Gentoo AMD64, it should run the compiler fine. Oops, no. Oh well, for a hoot let's try ...

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Inkscape seems to have hosed itself (Or maybe some glibc problems...)

Can't sleep (too hot, too sweaty, too tired), so thought I'd work on a personal "business" card. That is, one to hand out to people interested in me, for whatever reason (academic, personal), not Vex, or VexTech, or Cinemon. I want the design as minimalistic as possible. Basically just my name,, and my telephone ...

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The joy of infinite rebuilding

Well, not the most productive of evenings. Hung the computer a couple of times trying to get K3B to work. Discovered a dependency was needing rebuilding (revdep-rebuild), so rebuilt that, am now trying to build KDE, just to see if that was the problem on that front, so haven't tested to see if K3B is ...

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That's enough (Gentoo will remain on the 2004.3 profile until the upgrade process becomes reasonable...)

I've burned entirely too much time on this silly upgrade. I've rebuilt vast swaths of the machine to try to recover from various failures and I'm now to the point where trying to upgrade following the instructions is just telling me that I haven't followed the instructions.

Reading the various threads describing other people's experiences ...

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Once more on the upgrade path (Trying to update Gentoo profile again)

Okay, I'm going to try updating my system to the 2005.1 profile (again). First task is to try to get a gcc version built with multilib support. Previously I managed to get it built, but then everything I built with the new compiler was non-functional (luckily it hadn't clobbered the old version yet or I ...

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Conferencing software (Emulation setup should work better when enabled...)

One of the things we've been trying to get put together is simple audio-conferencing software for use among the partners in VexTech. Problem is that I've not been able to get Skype working on my workstation (an AMD64 box). However, Tim has got it working, so it's almost certainly a problem with my box.

So, ...

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Obligatory geekiness (Trying to fix what ever is broken...)

While I was away today I decided to have my workstation rebuild itself "from first principles" as it were. That is, to use the "emptytree" flag to rebuild the whole software stack from scratch. It managed to get through 227 of the 400+ packages involved before it encountered something it couldn't build. There are 5 ...

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