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Exporting to PDF should *not* take hours and multiple operating systems (Oh, and it should be real PDF, not dozens of images...)

Okay, I decided to work on the product datasheet (one page take-away with the key information, what the product does, what its features are, and where to get more information). Have a first draft done and decide to test it. Prints out fine on Rose's HP BubbleJet (modulo the limitations of the printer itself) across ...

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Inkscape just keeps impressing me (Can't say the same for Scribus, unfortunately...)

Inkscape is rapidly turning into one of my favourite applications. Not only does it readily handle churning out standard page layouts and reading Cinemon's generated SVG, it does a very nice job of rendering out to images. I also use it for creating the templates for the generated SVG. The workflow is a little clunky, ...

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My mysqld fails to restart (Mysteriously reconfiguring Linux...)

For some strange reason the /var/run/mysqld directory wound up with incorrect permissions to allow the user mysql to write to it. Neither the mysqld or mythbackend init.d scripts caught the failure, so the machine was sitting with neither service running for the better part of a day (since I rebooted fairly early this morning to ...

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Long day's hacking (Forgot how fast the time goes when listening to lectures as I work...)

I've only recently fixed the sound on my machine so that I can reliably play sound files without requiring a reboot before I start MythTV. So far I've been listening to music, but today I decided to pick up with one of the lecture series to which I'd stopped listening just a few chapters in. ...

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Display MythTV recording status in system tray (Quicky script just in case someone wants it...)

Wrote a simple script that uses wxPython to create a system-tray icon which displays whether you are currently recording anything on the local MythTV back-end (playing live TV also counts as recording).

When the /dev/video* devices are in use, the icon shows red, when not, it shows black. Mouse-over shows the number of active recording ...

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Using the old hardware (Second sound-card just for mythbackend...)

Had another "tinny" recording last night, and am getting tired of having no music while I work, so decided to get the old SBLive installed to act as the back-end's card so that (hopefully) the front-end will let me play music while the back-end is recording (without karking up the recording).

Spent way too long ...

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Gentoo fairy visits while I'm out (Bouncing baby KDE 3.4...)

I've had KDE 3.4 built for a long time now, but I hadn't rebooted to start it yet. Since I had the system update itself while I was at PyGTA I figured I'd try the new code (there was at least one KDE library rebuilt during the emerge world).

So far I'm liking it. I ...

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Sigh, karked Firefox again (1.0.3 still has the broken dialog windows and now the menus are gone too...)

Firefox just doesn't seem to like this box very much. The upgrade wound up producing this ever-so-cute effect where dialogs show up as error messages, and clicking on "ok" to the error message clicks okay in the original dialog... not ideal for security warnings! That's happened before (bug report dutifully filed), but now even the ...

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The joys of IMAP (Migration isn't as easy as I was hoping...)

I guess I was a little too confident about this being a simple thing. Turns out that Mozilla can't just migrate local folders over to an IMAP server. Looks as though IMAP can't handle the folders with-messages-and-subfolders. Urgh.

Need to get to bed soon. I think I've got everything I actually need for the trip ...

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How many times does it need to recompile? (KDE 3.3 just keeps getting rebuilt)

Just finished work, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but yet another KDE rebuild by glsa-check. You'd think it would just apply all the patches at once and then rebuild... but no...

Oh well, not like I'm actually doing any work on it, it's just annoying to know that it's wasting all that ...

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