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Yay, Blender builds (The Gentoo gnomes quietly fix another annoyance...)

The Blender build has been broken on my box for ages, but I'm so hard-wired to using 3DSMax that I never bothered to figure out why while I still had Windows about. Blender's keyboard-requiring interface is extremely non-intuitive to me... I learn the keyboard by pointing at what I want to do and being told ...

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About viewing Japanese glyphs in Firefox (First you need a font...)

Got a call a few minutes ago from Lua, who had just called a few hours ago inviting me to a party. She wanted to print some things out for the guest of honour (who is Japanese), but she was just getting question marks for the Japanese text.

I don't know if there's a built-in ...

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Linux really doesn't like running out of space (And this new CoreBlog (back-end) interface seems strange...)

Need to clean up the root partition on my workstation. I'm going to try using kdirstat, as I believe that's the one Tim recommended a while ago. Tim also upgraded CoreBlog while I wasn't looking. Everything still seems to work, but the entry-editing pages seem to have regressed somewhat, losing their Zope-ish page layouts somehow? ...

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Try again on the KDE build (This time with flag to rebuild for new USE flags)

The new KDE build has been failing on my machine, with what looks like unresolved symbols for an underlying library. Will let that run tonight.

Spent the bulk of the day on documentation, though Tim dropped in to work on debugging a Twisted problem (turns out PyOpenSSL wasn't installed on the new box) for a ...

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Firefox annoyances continue... (Profile recreationectomy almost works)

The bugs I discovered yesterday have been somewhat mitigated. Basically, if I start Firefox with --ProfileManager and use a new profile then everything works properly within the browser; of course, that means I have to click an extra button every time I load the browser (annoying, not deadly), and I've lost all of my site ...

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Oh, about MythTV (What I like, despite the obvious UI problems)

I've been noticing something about MythTV's overall design that is markedly better than the ATI Windows product; namely the split into client and server. On Windows, when the machine started recording a show, a window popped up over my work, a task showed up in the task bar, and I was distracted. The machine was ...

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Ah, so this is why people want terabytes of storage (30hrs seems so restrictive when two people are sharing a PVR)

MythTV is basically set up and ready-to-ignore. MythWeb is running again (and provides a slightly better UI than mythfrontend for scheduling shows, though I miss the 2-clicks-to-schedule ease-of-use from ATI's Windows software).

I've got Samba set up so that Rosey's machine can access the audio, image and video collections. Rosey's machine has codecs and handlers ...

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Hmm, init.d scripts are more involved than I thought (Refuses to shut down the tv-colour-correcting script)

Have reformatted the media drive, and moved the "heavy" multimedia content (audio, video, images) onto it. That frees up a good amount of space on the root and "user" drives.

Enabled mythweb, but haven't yet figured out how to get Myth to automatically rename the movies to something that Rose's machine is going to be ...

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Pause before that final fateful step (Oops, sent my backup drive off with Tim!)

I ran completely out of disk space this evening. Myth had created a 7GB buffer to provide pause-live-TV support, and coupled with a 1GB movie that filled up my root drive. So I'm about to take the plunge and convert the media partition (formerly NTFS) over to reiserfs and cut off all retreat to Windows. ...

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