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Are pickles, cookies and yogurt a balanced diet? (Maybe I'm pregnant... oh, wait, I guess that would be a prerequisite... oh, and that too...)

Slow going on the Twisted tutorial. Mostly because there's far too much to say. There's over 25 pages already and I've only just started with the actual Twisted material (the earlier part being discussion of comparable approaches). I've got 15 minutes, so should have approximately 30 pages total... going to be a lot of editing ...

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Technology makes hunter successful (But doesn't actually result in leaving cave...)

Canada 411 is basically our telephone listings search service as a web-site (done by the Yellow Pages people). Quite useful. One of the most useful services being the automatic link to maps of where a business is located. You can browse a yellow-pages category and when you find some shop you want to visit a ...

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Pool cue hunter... (They're not spears, kiddies)

As you regular readers (all none of you) may remember, the children have broken gram's short cue, so her billiards playing has been... well... not quite up to par (even mine is suffering a little, as the walls of the billiards room are way too close to the table). So, today I set out on ...

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Wow, that was just evil! (In the Company of Men)

Well, as I've been sitting here working on getting decent graph-drawing working, I've had a movie playing (ATI All-in-Wonder cards let you have a transluscent TV window over your work windows) which is a preview for the Independent Film Channel.

The movie In the Company of Men is... well... sociopathic. No redeeming characteristics for the ...

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Elegance is needed in teaching physics (It really is elegant...)

Everything in the universe is moving at light speed. Normally we move primarily through a temporal dimension, rather than a physical dimension. When we exert energy to move in space we can make the vector veer off from the temporal dimension, but we can't make it go faster than light-speed no matter how hard we ...

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Mikey's Wish List Version 1.0 (For all you amateur matchmakers out there ;))

Okay, I can't get to sleep, and since I'm lying here thinking about wish lists, I may as well sit down and create the first published "Mikey's Wish List".  For those who haven't been following along, a wish list in this context describes the set of attributes which we would like in a lover, ...

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Gardening tomorrow (Shiva (& Shademan)'s place)

Going to spend tomorrow gardening @ Shiva's place, so no open-source work done this weekend. Rosey's working all afternoon, so she won't get to see the new place. Mom phoned to suggest a few plants this evening. Suppose I should go shopping before I leave so I will have some actual food in the house ...

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How widespread is John Stewart's reach? (Just wondering how often I'll hear this re-quoted...)

So, obviously The Daily Show with John Stewart is one of the more popular shows among the liberal-leaning well-educated minority. Most of my friends watch it. Many of the people at UU watch it. Same with PyGTA. Strange thing is, it creates these weird conversations where everyone in the conversation knows what is being discussed.

The Elegant Universe (Finally picked it up...)

Little book on superstring theory. XXX recommended it at the last dinner party. I checked it out about two weeks ago. Finally sat down for a few minutes this afternoon to start reading it and realised that I really want to read this thing! Now I just need to find the time in the next ...

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