Think that's enough for today (Dispatcher-based code mostly working)

Next step is to hook up the simple SVG diagraming code to generate a real-time graph of current status so I can be sure what I'm seeing really is what it appears to be. I've got the core part of the operations "graph" (sort of a cross between a state diagram and a flow chart) finished.

The alert handling needs to be thought about more, both to throttle alerts and to make them appear faster.

Ping scanner load winds up being a very busy time, as hundreds of hierarchic levels are set up for scanning. Might be nice to introduce delays in that process. Also thinking it would have been smartest to normalise the SNMP connection parameters into a table referenced by object to allow each modem to simply reference them rather than needing to copy them over.

Read an interesting article advocating explicit specification of required fields for each and every query. Good arguments, mostly along the same lines as static typing, but I can't see doing it with projects that are using an intermediary layer for the database access (such as PyTable).


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