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Twisted needs docstrings!!! (When your primary API docs are auto-generated, you *must* put in docstrings)

Frustrating couple of hours here trying to get Twisted to either use a serial port or a TCP port to test the EFT server. Mostly it's frustrating because the API documentation doesn't tell you what methods are doing, what they return, what their arguments should be, how to deal with the results to accomplish common ...

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Cinemon gets code back from common applications... (Or, my day in slogging...)

I've been working on other projects for a couple of weeks now, ripping pieces of Cinemon's application framework out and using them for the other projects as I go. Today I took my "day off" to try to move Cinemon forward.

Most of the day was spent working on the hierarchy-importer. That moved forward quite ...

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Fried moth is NOT a pleasant scent (From the probably-too-much-info department...)

Rosey recently got me a replacement bulb for the halogen floor lamp in my room. This is a 300W bulb, you know, the kind that dorm students will use to cook puff-pastries.

Our kitchen and bathroom windows are without screens, and always open (to cool the place down), and we get very large moth-like things ...

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North Americans really suck at communication (Maybe the rest of the world too...)

Have been vicariously living through a friend who is extricating herself from a job where the working environment went off the cliff a few months ago. I'm often amazed at how bad communication is in most organisations...

Then, this evening, I realised something; we have a 50% divorce rate. That is, with the simplest dynamic ...

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