X-session initialisation decides to be a right pain (.xinitrc, .xsession, and the disappearing .bash_profile)

I almost managed to get some real work done while in Linux. I finally figured out how to create projects in Eric, and once I figured out that it was crashing because it had somehow created a literal '~' directory in my home directory, it seemed to work fine for editing files, and I could even run the test-suite for the EFT server from the command line, but only after I explicitly "sourced" my .bash_profile.

Turns out that Xorg doesn't run the .bash_profile when you log on. It's supposed to run one of either .xsession or .xinitrc, but while I was able to kark up the works by altering them, I wasn't able to get the PYTHONPATH environmental variable to show up.

Getting very frustrated right about now. The tablet is getting "stickier", and there are a number of really annoying "features" of the keyboard handling (such as not replacing the selected text one time in 5 or so) that are getting on my nerves. Guess I'll boot back to Windows tomorrow yet again. Sigh.


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