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What is the measure of a man? (Pondering while the unit-tests run...)

When I was a kid I read some novel or other that suggested that the best measure of a man is who would mourn him on his death. There were other measures proposed in various texts, such as what he contributed to society, but the one that stuck with me was the length of time ...

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Linux is pretty useless when you can only issue one command in a shell (Re-emerging bash does nothing useful)

Can't find any error reports about this situation, wouldn't even know to whom to turn for advice, as I have no idea whether it's a Gentoo problem, a problem with bash, a problem with my configuration, or what. Just in case anyone stumbles across this blog posting, I'll outline the problem, assuming I fix it ...

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Rebuilding continues (Less than 20MB of source compiled in 9-1/2 hours)

Still have all of KDE Multimedia and KDE Edu to compile (Why is KDE Edu even a dependency for KDE? Shouldn't it be dependent on KDE?) Going to have to iterrupt the build and do the day's work in Windows I guess.

Gentoo could really use an option where it can back out an upgrade. ...

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