First day with the little puppy (Alone, at least...)

Rose's little puppy (Caillou, pronounced Kayu) was alone in his new cage when I got home today. I took him out, played with him, fed him some kibble by hand (he thinks it's a treat), and then Rosey got home and told me he hadn't been outside in hours... so that's what all the hyper-ness was about. Got out without any accidents.

While Rose was off arranging flowers for the funeral I took him out again (first time he's let me pick him up), mostly just sitting in the garden outside the synagogue, but then letting him trail along for a block or so as I walked down the sidewalk. He didn't do his business while we were out... he saved that until we got in.

Lastly, played a bit on the living room floor before bed. He's still nipping a lot, but he does seem to learn fairly fast. He enjoys hunting hands and zooming about the apartment so that he can sneak up on them from unexpected places.

He's back in his cage now. I'm not a big cage fan but I guess it's more practical than having him chew up the furniture. Poor lil' guy.


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