Oh, I know it's serious (But egads, isn't this just calling out for a joke...)

CBC is reporting that the Canadian Union of Public Employees (i.e. our government employees' union) is discussing plans to try to unionise sex-trade workers. Yes, it's a serious issue, but unionising prostitutes as "Public Employees", doesn't that just scream "don't take me seriously"?

Lost the keyboard for a few minutes a while back, was able to get it back by unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable. Am in the middle of trying to downgrade the whole system back to the stable branch. So far I've had at one (new) compilation failure. I also wound up having to unmerge one of the extremely-low-level modules to do the emerge, so as of right now I can't actually reboot the machine (it's missing the reboot, shutdown, etceteras executables). As a consequence I had to kill off a few of the dozens of defunct bash shells so that the emerge could run at something approaching reasonable speed (it has more than 90 packages to rebuild, currently on number 10).


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