Productive day all-in-all (Didn't touch the speed issue, focussed on user-story completion)

So I spent the last few days working on getting user-stories finished for the demo. As of right now I know that the physical-hierarchy upload works as expected and properly collects the modems for the physical hierarchy.

Couple of (2) major user-stories still pending, (reconnecting) the email alerts, and displaying group/modem information textually. After that it's mostly just UI stuff, which takes a long time, but isn't likely to cause an actual stoppage.

Performance is still a serious problem. I'm considering taking in either Tim's laptop or my workstation to run the demo. We're entirely processor limited at the moment. cmon works fine with just a single (small) CMTS of ~500 modems, but more than that and it pegs the processor and gets unresponsive. There's lots of room for speeding up the code, but throwing more hardware at the problem is likely cheaper (especially given the timeline).

Also need to do some bookkeeping work on the back-end. At the moment it's keeping everything in memory in anticipation of again being hooked up to a database for dumping statistics. Since that isn't there yet (and isn't part of the demo's user-stories), need to have a simple reaper go through and clear the old data every X period.


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