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May be hitting point of diminishing returns (2.5 weeks "always on" seems to be reducing my efficiency somewhat...)

10 or 11 hours to go, and I spend 40 minutes trying to figure out why the emails just will not send. This code has been stable for... well... at least a year now. Finally realise, I'm on Linux, not Windows, and my workstation has no mail transport agent set up (i.e. sendmail just isn't ...

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Little user stories not actually in the spec (Sigh...)

Just fixed a bug in a user story that's not actually part of the demo, but which is a critically useful element. Basically, you need to be able to download the physical hierarchy, edit it and re-upload it. It worked fine, but wound up double-booking each "moved" group. Fix was pretty trivial, but I made ...

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That last 24 hours of a project (When things go to heck...)

The demo code has developed a charming habit of simply reporting "no connection to database" when it tries to update a record. Annoying part is that it's happening after dozens of successful reads on the same connection.

I so don't need this just now. There's enough stuff that needs to be finished that long-since-finished stuff ...

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