May be hitting point of diminishing returns (2.5 weeks "always on" seems to be reducing my efficiency somewhat...)

10 or 11 hours to go, and I spend 40 minutes trying to figure out why the emails just will not send. This code has been stable for... well... at least a year now. Finally realise, I'm on Linux, not Windows, and my workstation has no mail transport agent set up (i.e. sendmail just isn't there, but the code for sendmail was ripped from old code that doesn't have a way of checking to see if the process succeeded, so it just silently did nothing). The code was written with the assumption than any Unix-ish OS would have sendmail configured, so blah on me.

Haven't decided whether to try configuring sendmail or make the code use the SMTP server on *nix if specified.

What's troubling me, though, is that I'm obviously not really sharp enough at the moment to be doing this kind of work. But then I've only got one user story left, and it's pretty minor (that is, the work involved is minor, it's a huge part of the experience). I think we'll need to figure out a better definition of a billable hour, 40 billable hours/week is requiring something like 80-100 hours of work. The wear and tear on the furniture (me) just isn't worth it at that rate.


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