2-hour test-debug cycles are annoying (Not enough time to do anything significant, not enough to work on another project, but way too much to just sit waiting...)

Been working on the memory-leak problem. Problem is, the system is supposed to "leak" memory for ~ 2 hours as it scans each modem and records it's values. I think I may have solved it 2 hours ago, but I really won't know for another hour or more (even then, the rate of the leak is so low that I'd just be guessing that the bug was fixed, so I'll have to leave it for 6 or 7 hours to be sure).

In the meantime, had dinner, did the dishes, generally tidied up the living room (both Rosey and I have been too busy to do much housekeeping lately). The fixed channel naming, and filtered out the administratively-disabled channels.

Think I'll go ahead and work on the device-hierarchy now... this is the problem with obsessive focus, it's hard to break it away from one problem onto another... I just don't like leaving one job half-done to start work on another. Oh well, sucks to be me.


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