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Well, that's at least one leak fixed (Now just need to run for 4 or 5 hours to test it)

Found a small leak. Basically I keep a table to all streets with (num,apt) indexing lists of modems at that location (normally only a single modem). The code to do that, however, was assuming that it was starting from scratch (i.e. at system load time), whereas these days the locations are re-loaded every 20 minutes ...

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Dratted local minima (Rumours of the leak's demise are unfortunately exaggerated)

Bleep. There was a dip at 6 hours, but after 20 minutes or so it started climbing again, so we have an unusable product (demo is still fine, it's been running for 17 hours now).

Worse, though, there was a group that went offline, but I got no email. Of course, I forgot to give ...

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Ding dong the leak is dead (The wicked leak, the wicked leak... though it's evil sister the database error is still threatening Dorothy...)

Well, it takes approximately 6 hours, but it does eventually reach a steady state for memory consumption. While waiting for it to stabilize I implemented the device-hierarchy. Unfortunately, I'm now seeing hard-hangs every once in a while on my machine (looks like yet another database-driven problem, as it's occurring just after the hierarchy import completes ...

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