Oh yes, the party (Since you didn't ask...)

Met quite a few people. Shane brought... well... lots of people, including two ladies he'd met at a Second Cup. Very interesting both, one is a postmodern philosopher, but with a reasonable (read agreeing with me ;) ) perspective on the overall utility of the ideology. The other is a cultural anthropologist.

Both quite charming and witty. Unfortunately, Lindsey (hope I got her name right (it might have been Leslie)) had to leave early (she's running in the marathon tomorrow), before I really got a chance to sit down and discuss any philosophy with her.

Stephan and Ian (from PyGTA) were also there, as was Dan (who's been to a few of my parties), and Lara (Bahá'í). Met Lao (pretty sure I got his name wrong), who is a former entrepreneur turned insurance-company-employee. Simon's dad was charming, and obviously rather proud of his son.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something momentous, but it's 5am (party broke up around 2am), and I need to get to sleep, so it'll wait.


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