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Guess I should try to recover the Gentoo environment (My personal todo list is so long and not very fun looking at this moment...)

Well, now that I've got that little task out of the way (PyOpenGL), I have the (depressing) task of figuring out why Gentoo has lost the tablet (without which the computer is rather difficult to use). And here I was just getting comfortable working in Windows again. Sigh.

Still, need to move back to Linux ...

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Finally got the baby (PyOpenGL) out the door (No empty-nest syndrome here...)

Just finishing up the release of PyOpenGL. Rather annoying number of little details cropped up during the process of doing the release (missing files, bdist_wininst API not actually matching the API I'd suggested, (so requiring rewriting the function (after all the testing was done, of course, so blah if it breaks something)), files ...

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