Tracking down sample-code for PyOpenGL (Documentation enhancements take a long time...)

One of the things I do to try to make PyOpenGL newbie friendly is providing sample code links directly from the PyOpenGL man pages to files from various projects which use the discussed function/constant.

This has proved very successful... so much so that we almost never get questions regarding how to use any given function/parameter. Given that success, I decided to take a couple of hours this evening (couldn't sleep) to track down new projects to include in the sample-set.

Right now I'm planning on adding (if their owners approve):

Haven't been able to get through to the creator of Glinter (all email addresses bounce), suppose I'll just go ahead and link it. Not sure if I should wait for LGT to become more stable or not... I'm doing the rebuilding now, though, and not likely again for a few months, so waiting is going to mean waiting a while... and it's a type of code not normally seen in samples, but of interest to lots of people (2D with sprite animations).

Anyway, think I'll try to sleep again.


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