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Pernicious Influence of Python (Still can't sleep...)

As expected back when we were solving the Pernicious Influence of Puzzles, writing a script to generate all permutations of a word from a given word-list was a pretty trivial endeavour. Applied to our TRANSIT challenge the computer came up with a few we missed...

The ones I feel bad about:
taint ...

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Oh, about SIP (Project shrinks as one realises how much is already written...)

For the SIP project, discovered that Shtoom is, in fact, a user-level client... in other words, a Soft Phone. We need far less code than that for our project, in fact, it's all available from core Twisted.

Did a spike test creating a Proxy/Registration-server and a client to log into it in about 30 lines ...

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Tracking down sample-code for PyOpenGL (Documentation enhancements take a long time...)

One of the things I do to try to make PyOpenGL newbie friendly is providing sample code links directly from the PyOpenGL man pages to files from various projects which use the discussed function/constant.

This has proved very successful... so much so that we almost never get questions regarding how to use any given function/parameter. ...

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