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PyTable starts growing PySQLite support (Embedded database for contract work...)

Decided this afternoon to make PySQLite one of the supported databases for PyTable. Got much of the base work done (mostly just tracking down the proper queries for the various schema-extraction elements), but haven't really tried to use the result for anything.

I'm undertaking this little project largely because of the problems installing PostgreSQL for ...

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Merging PyOpenGL's branches (Doesn't go too well...)

For the past few months I've had two active branches for PyOpenGL development. The 2.0.1.x branch and the 2.1.x branch. Problem is, 2.1 has basically not moved for 2 months, while 2.0.1 has had quite a few bug-fixes in that time.

So, spent the evening trying to merge the compatible changes into the 2.0.x branch ...

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