Merging PyOpenGL's branches (Doesn't go too well...)

For the past few months I've had two active branches for PyOpenGL development. The 2.0.1.x branch and the 2.1.x branch. Problem is, 2.1 has basically not moved for 2 months, while 2.0.1 has had quite a few bug-fixes in that time.

So, spent the evening trying to merge the compatible changes into the 2.0.x branch (to become 2.0.2). Unfortunately, ran into some weird errors with building. May have to go with a patch submitted to do the SWIG upgrade (instead of the 2.1 branch changes to do the same) and then work on the rest of it later.

Mom and dad are coming to town tomorrow, so not much work done. Sunday Lara is supposed to come with me to play pool with grams.


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