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Too much to hope for (Something triggers a cascading failure again)

Something in the code introduced to improve the discovery process has managed to produce a failure where the main operations block for too long, causing the zombie watcher to attempt to restart, but it's unable to kill the main process.

Have to figure out a reliable way to force the killing... also need to figure ...

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Long day's bug-hunting into night (Strange little bugs scurry under discovery...)

Cinemon was displaying some strange behaviour during discovery, mostly dropping off modems and/or discovering them only after 4 or 5 scans. Haven't been able to isolate the proximate cause yet, but the effect seems to have been fixed.

I hate it when a fix works but I don't know why.

Using pyformat queries on non-pyformat databases (Or, why I was getting frustrated with PySQLite)

I use the DBAPI's pyformat query format exclusively. It's supported by both the PostgreSQL and MySQL drivers, and it's just a superior mechanism for creating queries (especially with PyTable's SQLQuery class). So, of course, as I was writing the SQLite driver for PyTable I was obviously using pyformat queries.

Problem was, SQLite doesn't support them, ...

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Report the error with *some* specificity (Getting somewhat tired of "error preparing statement" messages)

SQLite has this annoying habit of reporting all syntax errors with just the text "error preparing statement". That becomes a serious PITA when you're auto-generating huge query strings, but even with the short schema-discovery queries I'm finding it frustrating.

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