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Nov. 15, 2004 - Nov. 21, 2004

Happens every time I start to teach something (Wondering what I'm spending my life doing...)

As I'm sure all of you who read this blog (all three of you) know, I'm a bit of a pedantic bore... okay, I'm a big pedantic bore. I just love teaching, particularly obscure technical things that are so dry and abstract that no one in their right mind could possibly be interested in them. ...

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One goal basically complete (Other not even touched...)

The presentation for the PyGTA meeting on Tuesday is mostly complete. I have everything save a sample for the subclassing built-in types section. Still some polishing to do, but it's basically ready to go.

Tomorrow begins work on the Hot Spot project in earnest. Hopefully it'll just be a week or two, I'd like to ...

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Bragging beforehand gets you soundly thumped (Or so it seems for grams...)

Margery's daughter Jean also dropped in for a few games. She's getting considerably better these days. I, however, with no sleep and far too much caf coffee was barely functional.

Grams was in very good shape. She was remarking how her hands were steady, and that she was going to whump me good because of ...

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Didn't manage to get to sleep (Guess grams will get a free ride...)

Tried to sleep for 4 hours or so without any luck. Unfortunately, the entire time I seemed to be spinning in two almost dreams (like a dream, but you're awake, you know what you're thinking, and you're still aware of your environment, but you're playing a little movie in you head). Neither of them was ...

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Tomorrow's plans (Just to keep myself honest...)

After the games, I need to get PyOpenGL 2.0.2 out the door, with or without the new extension modules. Then I need to spend the rest of the day working on the presentation for Tuesday. So there, that's what I must do. Watch this space tomorrow night to see if I managed to stay on ...

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Oh, the evening's coffee (Hanging out in Starbucks...)

Wound up hanging out at Starbucks in Forest Hill this evening with Shane and Lara. Nothing really deep discussed, though Shane and I did wind up kvetching about the political climate in North America a little on the way home.

Probably bored Lara a little, but we fed her, so it almost balances out :) ...

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Hope they aren't all this slow (First extension for testing goes very poorly...)

Decided to test the wrapper for one of the few PyOpenGL extensions to which I actually have access, ARB vertex object buffer. Unfortunately, so far 2 out of 3 functions have required completely custom wrappers. This is going to be a very slow process if all 180+ new wrappers need this kind of attention.

The ...

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New PyTable is out girls and boys (0.8.0 adds the PySQLite support)

Did a release of PyTable last night. Only significant changes are the PySQLite 2.0 support and the general support for non-pyformat database drivers.

Today, as my dinner and a movie plans have fallen through :( , I shall endeavour to get some groceries laid in, and then see if we can't get PyOpenGL 2.0.2 built, ...

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Better pyformat on non-pyformat database support (And the PySQLite driver is basically finished...)

The PySQLite driver is now to the point where it can run the full PyTable test suite. I also rewrote the pyformat support so that it parses (well, really just does a minimal bit of tokenising to recognise strings) the SQL in order to avoid extraneous escaping.

8 more unbillable hours (VNC makes things *so* slow...)

So far today, my entire useful output has been getting the SIP demo set up on the laptop. Um, argh.

VNC was a serious PITA. Internet Explorer (they don't have a real browser on the machine) messed up every single .tar.gz I downloaded. Cygwin's tar and gzip kept crashing in such a way that VNC ...

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