Poor guy, who could ever make ends meet on that salary... (Sometimes you just want to smack people upside the head)

So, turns out that the head of NASA (a Bush government appointee) is resigning because he needs more money to put his three children through University. He was brought in to institute financial restraint and reasonable bugetting to the institution, btw.

Um, when did it become impossible to put three children through school (for a professional manager charged with fiscal responsibility, mind you) on $158,000US/year? I mean, it's not like you don't know the University years are coming up. Sure it's expensive, but AFAIK people earning half that salary manage it by prudently investing/saving from the time the child is born.

I guess I'm just somewhat offended when someone says they "need" $500,000US/year. That's just poor planning, or a wasteful lifestyle, or unreasonable expectations.


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