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Just in case she tries to claim she was entirely bored (Tim provides photographic evidence...)

Tim, as many of you know, is quite a good photographer. Unfortunately the lighting last night was pretty bad, still, he managed to snap this shot of Marjan so we can use it against her, should she ever sue us to get those 3.5 hours of her life back again.

That almost worked (Too keyed up to sleep, so did a few hours of work on Cinemon)

Couldn't sleep again, so I spent a couple of hours on Cinemon after that last post. Nothing too complex, just cleaning things up so that "dangerous" options don't show up and pointless nesting can't occur.

D'Arcy hasn't called yet (though some jerk with a fax machine phoned at 7:55am this morning), so I'm thinking I'll ...

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Convincing them to show up is 90% of the battle (Marjan saves me from being the lonely bachelor...)

Tonight was the Cain Gang/Vextech Christmas party. As you loyal readers will no doubt remember, I invited Marjan (Shiva's cousin). Wonder of wonders, she showed up! (Loyal readers will know that I have an abysmal record with having women cancel on me, often at the last moment).

1055 (name of the restaurant) was about what ...

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Housekeeping before the storm (My day in major-change preparations...)

I spent most of the day trying to clean up old code that has been gradually getting cruftier as the system evolves. This code is all having to do with the "hierarchy" system, particularly the network hierarchy. This was the first hierarchy written, and it's the most active hierarchy, so its nowhere near as regular ...

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Ah, the joy of a plan working out (Minimal changes to get the functionality working... even if it is ugly)

Been working on a feature I came up with a few weeks ago for the last couple of days. It's basically working now, even though there turned out to be a few places where I'd glossed over some (ugly) complexity in my memory of the system. Going to try to eliminate that ugliness so that ...

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An issue that came up while summarising my thesis (More party thoughts float across the unsleeping mind...)

I got asked to summarise my thesis a number of times last night, which is always difficult to do, but is something one has to practice. At one point I said something like this:

Human beings are creatures trying to understand their environment.

which was fine, because the person I was talking with was primarily ...

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On the massaging of the foot... (Was it Shiatsu our friend taught us?)

Back in university we had a friend whose mom was a massage therapist of some sort. She (the friend) was into massage as well, so for a month or so while she was in town we'd get together and she'd try to teach us something of the technique she'd learned from her mom (and various ...

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Apparently picked up something at the party (Hit me this afternoon...)

Got home from grams place (score: 2 all) and realised I had a bit of a fever, proceeded to develop all the classic flu symptoms (including the oh-so-lovely aches and pains in joints and a nice sweaty (and high) fever).

Luckily the fever broke around 10 or so, but then Rosey wanted me to review ...

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Slow day's party into night... (Not a lick of work done)

Woke up late, did the week's grocery shopping, then took a nap (planning for just half an hour). Instead I woke up at 6pm, just two hours before the party. Decided to start working on my proposal for PyCon... got the summary and the like done and had just started working on the outline when ...

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Do I dare declare? (Approaching the magical 770 minutes of processing time...)

The demo instance has been crashing with memory errors after about 770 minutes of processor time, or about 12 hours of wall-clock time. As of now, we're up to 767 minutes, with only 153MB of memory used.

So often these leaks have tormented me; pretending to be gone, only to reappear ever-so-much slower than before. ...

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